The Jewelry District is a section of Downtown Los Angeles where a variety of jeweled products are sold.

According to the Los Angeles Convention Center and Visitor's Bureau, it is the largest jewelry district in the United States. The annual reported sales from the Jewelry District is just under $3 billion. It comprises close to 5,000 businesses, with vendors on Hill Street, Olive Street, and Broadway between 5th and 8th Streets. Shoppers can find designer jewelry, precious stones, and gold and silver items at street level as well as in some of the jewelers found in the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart, Pacific Center, the California Jewelry Mart, and the International Jewelry Center also known as the "550" building.

The Los Angeles Jewelry District can be accessed by public transportation through the Red Line to Pershing Square station. The district is southeast of the square.

The Jewelry District is predominantly made up of early twentieth-century buildings, when the number of registered vehicles in the county grew from 160,000 to 842,000 in a span of 10 years. Half of the area falls under the greater “Historic Core” of Downtown Los Angeles, which spans between Hill and Main Streets, and 3rd and 9th streets. The median year in which the buildings in the area were built was 1923. The oldest building to remain in the district is located on 543 South Broadway Avenue - a three story, 32,600 square foot commercial space that is now occupied by Teresa’s Bridals. Two of the earliest jewelers to establish stores in 1932 were the Laykin Diamond Company (Laykin et Cie) and Harry Winston & Co. Both stores were housed at the historic Alexandria Hotel on 5th street, just behind the district on S. Broadway.